The 7 most important things you can do for your best ever bridal skin

The 7 most important things you can do for your best ever bridal skin

Here’s how to achieve dewy skin so pretty your fiancé will be saying “heck yeah, I do.”

Has there ever been a more important day for your skin to show up and do its damn job of looking cute? 


Imagine this:

You’ve spent months planning the perfect day.

All your favourite people have arrived to celebrate.

You’ve hired a professional photographer who will be following you around all day.

You’ve done the makeup trial.

And…you wake up with a huge pimple right in the middle of your face.

Okay — take a deep breath. It’s not your wedding day. You’re not breaking out. Your skin still has time to get itself together. Here’s how to reduce the chances of looking like Rudolph on your big day, along with a few bonus tips to make sure it’s as seamless and fun as possible.


Six months before your wedding

  • The best thing you can do for your skin is absolutely free. Drink water! This will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

  • Talk to your makeup artist or beauty therapist about designing a specialised skincare routine to suit your needs. The best game plan will probably involved a combination of monthly facials maintained with home product care. (Pro hint: I’m not only a makeup artist but also a fully qualified beauty therapist, so I’m more than happy to help you out here!)

  • Gather all of your inspiration content and book in your makeup trial.


One month before your wedding

  • Check in with your bridesmaids about what kind of makeup looks they’d like, and work together to choose a style for each person.

  • Chat to your makeup artist about the best schedule for the morning of your wedding day. This means everyone will be where they need to be at the right time, which makes it seamless and stress-free. Note each person’s start and finish time and check this with schedules for other things like hair, getting dressed, and pre-ceremony photos. It’s best to allow at least one hour between finishing hair and makeup and leaving for your ceremony. 

Pro tip:

As the bride, don’t have your makeup and hair done last — it’s best to opt for a middle or 2nd last position. This means you won’t be rushed from the makeup chair straight into getting dressed and getting photos taken, and you can relax into those lovely extra hours with a glass of champagne.


The week of your wedding

Ahhhh, so exciting! You’re getting married so soon!

  • Get your beauty salon treatments. Brows or lip waxing/threading should be done by a trusted professional no less than 5 days prior to your wedding day. If you get it done too close to the wedding, your makeup won’t sit as smoothly because it won’t be able to adhere to the skin. This happens because waxing removes your delicate facial skin, which is why it’s best to leave some time in between.

  • Prepare the perfect playlist for your wedding morning! Whether you opt for chilled out or more of a party vibe, music really does make all the difference in keeping the mood happy, calm, and fun.

  • Prepare your bridal party for touchups. I provide all of my brides with a touchup lipstick kit and a lip brush, but make sure the mums and bridesmaids have considered what they’ll need throughout the day. If you’d like some help with these choices, I’d be delighted to recommend colours that would suit the bridesmaids’ colouring and dresses at your makeup trial.


The night before your wedding


The day of your wedding

Take a few deep breaths, press play on that carefully curated playlist and let the professionals pamper you, gal! There’s no more planning. Sit back, relax, and get ready to wed the love of your life.

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