Bridal GLOW!

Lauren's top 5 skincare picks for smooth, even-toned, glowing bridal skin!




Dr Dennis Gross: Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster

- A 'serum-like' concentrate to put the 'pep' back into your skin. Reveal brighter, more plump & radiant skin with the daily use of this serum! This fantastic little bottle of radiance contains a unique complex of 3 acids; Pyruvic, Tartaric, Linoleic offering a time-released hit of glowing goodness!
Use this product on its own, under your daily moisturisers/oil, mixed into your moisturisers/serums.


REN: Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

- The perfect quick-fix for an uneven skin texture! Formulated with water-activated vitamin-c, this product provides firming, toning & smoothing benefits to the skin (the perfect 'Wedding Eve' skin fix!). If used regularly (3x a week) leading up to the wedding day, the skin will benefit even more from the resurfacing actions of this quick, 1-minute facial. It helps to reduce signs of fatigue, skin imperfections & banishes dull, flaky texture! A definite must-have for glowing bridal skin on your wedding morning!



Sunday Riley: The Power Couple (Luna Sleeping Oil & Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment)

- These two products are what's known as the 'Power Couple' in the skincare world, and for a good reason!! Luna, a retinol infused nighttime facial oil, provides you with a glowing skin like no other! Greatly diminishing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while also helping with the look of pore size & sun damage. Containing Avocado Oil to help prevent flakiness & irritation. 

The second component of the 'Power Couple' skin duo is 'Good Genes', a lactic acid treatment product, designed to help clear the skin of any blemishes (thanks to the lactic acid!) and also provide a daily exfoliant, to banish gritty texture & uneven tone. To top it all off, Good Genes aids in reducing the appearance of any pigmentation in the skin. Lauren recommends using the products in combination with each other, for optimal results. 


Karuna: Sheet Masks

- Karuna have an incredible range of sheet masks, which include....anti-oxidant, brightening, hydrating, exfoliating, clarifying, age-defying, as well as under eye treatment masks! There is a mask for everyone's skin needs. The sheet masks are shaped and fitted to sit perfectly on the face, soaked in the serum treatment. Leave this mask on the skin for 20mins for instantly refreshed, glowing skin!


For my Bride's-To-Be looking to pick-up some premium skincare to take their skin glow to the next level, you can find all the above mentions at a MECCA Maxima Store, or, a MECCA Cosmetica store, or online at - enjoy!

x Lauren