The Look

The Look

Makeup Artistry by Lauren reflects a signature makeup application style that imparts brides with immaculate skin which is ready for high definition (HD) photography and filming – most importantly, without that caked on feel where your skin can’t breathe and goes into oily overdrive! Think dreamy defined eyes with fluttery lashes, and a natural glow to the cheeks. You’ll exude sheer romance on the day and of course, look amazing in your photos that you and your family will treasure.


Base: Flawless, glowing and HD ready

To achieve Lauren's signature flawless HD base, preparing the skin correctly and light layering is key. As a professional makeup artist, Lauren carries a wide range of base products, so there is no doubt she will have the perfect product combination for your skin tone and type, and your desired look. Dry skin? You’ll look dewy and refreshed. Oily or combination woes? You’ll enjoy a matte finish.

The Process:

Moisturiser and primer are key to preparing the skin before anything else takes place – no exceptions! This is because makeup sits best on hydrated skin, and primer provides an even base for everything to adhere to. Lauren uses high-end French brand Embryolisse as it sits beautifully under foundation, restoring moisture to the skin as it is prepared for base products to follow. Lauren will then use a primer best suited to your skin type.

Foundation is undeniably the next most important part of your makeup application. Lauren's go-to is Face Atelier's Ultra Pro Foundation. A heavenly lightweight ultra-performance foundation with high-pigment and skin-blurring technology, it leaves your skin glowing, smooth and picture perfect!


Eyes: Soft, romantic and classically defined

The Process:

Lauren uses selective professional makeup artist techniques to make your eyes pop in the most flattering way. Long-lasting shadows ensure your eye makeup doesn't fade throughout the day. Layering tones, light to dark is key in achieving that effortlessly blended look. No harsh liner or unblended eyeshadow here!


Lashes: Fluttery, voluminous for added emphasis

False lashes are the icing on the cake! Lauren always highly recommends false lashes for any makeup look.

The Process:

False lashes are so important to complete a makeup look. Whether it’s a super natural lash look, or something fuller, lengthier and dramatic, Lauren has the style for you. Lauren carries a wide variety of lashes in her professional kit, including individual and strip lashes. Her trusted lash brand is Model Rock Lashes.

Lauren's signature lash look is created using individual lashes, where layering the individuals in varying lengths and thicknesses to mimic your natural lashes, achieving a natural lash look. This technique has been developed by Lauren as her brides often want a subtle but defined lash look, that is also comfortable to wear and durable all day through.


And we’re off! But not without a little maintenance:

Lauren gifts all her clients with a touch up lipstick kit for their event. This includes a sample of the MAC lipstick colour used and a special precision applicator. You’ll be able to re-apply and freshen up your lippie anytime you need to!